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Bonus Melon Baller and Carver

This unique and very handy kitchen tool is made of

High qualityStainless steelthat makes it incomparably


Ourwatermelon slicerwill cut the time it takes in half to

Turn watermelon into neat slices, ready to eat.

Ourfruit balleris designed especially for pulp digging to

Make as many fruit balls as you like. Just insert the scoop into the

Fruit/melon pulp and rotate it in one direction, you can dig a nice ball. You

Also can carve the melon like a flower by scauper. Very simple and easy!

Everybody loves the rich, juicy taste of watermelon

Which is an all favorite fruit, especially during the hot, summer months.

Watermelon Slicer


. Cut your Watermelon in half.

Insert. Insert your Watermelon Slicer into the middle of the

Watermelon as close to the rind as possible.

Slice. Push the Watermelon Slicer down and following the natural inner

Curve of the Watermelon, pull the Watermelon Slicer back towards you. Repeat

This step until all of the Watermelon flesh has been sliced.

Flip & Grab. Flip your Premium Watermelon Slicer over and use it

As a pair of tongs. Insert your Watermelon Slicer and squeeze the Watermelon

Slicer tongs together and using a 'down and back' motion, lift out the Watermelon


Serve. Simply Serve and Enjoy.

Melon Baller & Cutter

Insert & Cut

. Insert the cutter into the middle of the Melon and retract. Move the

Cutter directly to the side of your first cut and repeat the process creating a

Zig zag affect all the way round the middle of the Melon until the cuts meet

Open & Deseed. Using your Melon Baller scoop out the seeds from

The middle of the Melon.

Ball. Push the Premium Watermelon Baller into the flesh of the Melon,

Turn in a 360 degree motion and serve.

It takes a few simple, smooth moves and you get the perfect fruit slices thanks

To this little, innovative tool.

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