Watermelon Slicer Cutter Knife Set Easily Cuts Flawless Favorite Fruit Safe New

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Watermelon Slicer Cutter Knife Set Easily Cuts Flawless Favorite Fruit Safe New

Product Description

Clean, Uniform, Neat Slices - MelonMaster Watermelon Slicer glides through your melon, and easily cuts flawless slices of your favorite fruit. Works on melons of all sizes (big or small) and all types (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew).

No More Mess - Don't you hate getting sticky melon juice all over your kitchen counter MelonMaster Watermelon Cutter Gets Rid of the mess, as the juices stay Right in the Shell.

Save Time & Frustration - Serve a watermelon in under 90 seconds! MelonMaster makes enjoying your favorite fruit fast, convenient, and easy. The slicer can be flipped around and used as a tong to extract the melon slices.

Kids Friendly - Unlike a Watermelon Knife, MelonMaster has No sharp edges & is kids friendly. The Bonus melon baller & scooper makes enjoying this healthy fruit more fun & creative.

Comfortable & Safe - Padded handles for easy grip & comfort (your hands will thank you). No more risking cutting yourself with a knife every time you want to enjoy some watermelon.

Watermelon Slicer Cutter Knife Set Easily Cuts Flawless Favorite Fruit Safe New

MelonMaster Watermelon Slicer is designed Just For You!

Clean, Uniform, Neat Slices- Flawless slices every time & works on melons of all sizes and types. No More Mess- No more messy & sticky kitchen counter, as the juicestay right in the shell. Save Time & Frustration- Serve a watermelon in under 90 seconds. Kids Friendly- No sharp edges bonus melon baller & scooper for extra fun. Comfortable & Safe- Padded handles for easy grip & comfort.

Reinforced Cutting Wire

The easiest part to break or fall apart is the cutting wire of the watermelon slicer.

MelonMaster has aReinforced Cutting Wireto ensure durability, so your purchase will last many summers to come. What's Included- 1x Watermelon Slicer / Cutter - for cutting and extracting slices directly from the watermelon- 1x Melon Baller / Scooper - for making melon balls- 1x Melon Looper - for looping off watermelon from precut slices

Melon Baller / Scooper:

For making melon balls.

Watermelon Slicer / Cutter:For cutting and extracting slices directly from the watermelon.

Melon Looper:For looping off watermelon from precut slices

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