Melon Baller Fruit Carving Knife Watermelon Slicer Cutter Carver Stainless Steel

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Melon Baller Fruit Carving Knife Watermelon Slicer Cutter Carver Stainless Steel

Decorate your cake, dessert or ice cream with various lovely fruit balls, make it not only with tempting look but also with kinds of unique flavor.

This fruit baller is designed especially for pulp digging to make as many fruit balls as you like. Just insert the scoop into the fruit/melon pulp and rotate it in one direction, you can dig a nice ball. You also can carve the melon like a flower by scauper. Very simple and easy!

The high quality Stainless Steel Sharp blade cut clearly through fruits and is perfect for creating uniform, bite-size melon spheres with a twist of the wrist.

This sharp tool is double ended for cutting and making perfect balls of melon, papaya, mango, dragon fruit or others. The end for carving can cut out the beautiful carved jagged lines. Our designed fruit carving knife can not only make your fruit-eating more artistic but also make your life more colourful. The options are endless.

The Melon Baller can also be used to remove seeds from halved zucchini, winter squash, cucumbers or pears, clean out a jack-o-lantern to be, shape chocolate ganache for truffles, create potato balls for Pommes Parisienne, create the perfect cavity for the brown sugar and cinnamon for a baked apple and much more.

Scooper has sharp carving knife on one end that lets you carve creative, intricate designs in fruit

Sphere end lets you scoop out uniform balls of fruit or vegetables & create attractive-looking meals

Small hole on back of sphere can be used to help coax fruit out of scooper so it doesn't get damaged

Made from

High-quality stainless steel so it's

Dishwasher-safe, won't rust & it's food-safe to use

Slice, cut & scoop vegetables, cookies, cakes, watermelon & more.

A great tool for every kitchen!

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