Interesthing home Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer Corer Knife with Silicone

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Interesthing home Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer Corer Knife with Silicone Handle The right slice As Seen On Tv Fruit Vegetables Peeler

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Product description

INTERESTHING home is proud to present the best watermelon slicer youll meet Starting today there will be no more giving up the juicy taste of watermelon for the hassle of cutting! Enjoy friends and family at a Picnic, Party or for a nice summer brunch while knowing you embrace first class product! Extract the best part of the fruit with a simple action keep the Fruit Hygienic and dont worry about the mess since using the knife is clean and easy High-Quality durable Stainless steel that wont scratch or rust. One piece production - No Welding or connection to prevent breakage Unique design that allows you to slice perfectly smooth pieces and extract with no trouble of serving Super comfortable! Our main goal is to satisfy you and that is why we created this product with a Silicon handle to prevent the metal from hurting the palm of your hand and making the grip stable so the knife doesnt slip 100 Money-back Guarantee our Moto is Buy once, use for life. If you experience the opposite we will refund your complete purchase! Use Interesthing home watermelon slicer to cut Melon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew and various Cakes Enjoy an attractive Package and easy to follow instruction guide Buy Now for a tasty and improved summer and receive an exciting Free GIFT

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Category : Fruit Knives

UPC :711081334372

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MPN : 711081334372

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Manufacturer : Interesthing home


Itemdimensions_Width : 1.42 inch.

ItemDimensions_Weight : 0.22 lbs.

ItemDimensions_Length : 9.06 inch.

ItemDimensions_Height : 2.76 inch.

PackageDimensions_Width : 2.9 inch.

PackageDimensions_Weight : 0.35 lbs.

PackageDimensions_Length : 9.2 inch.

PackageDimensions_Height : 1.7 inch.

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