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Funwhale Fruit Slicer, Watermelon Slicer Server Slice Right With Melon Baller And Fruit Carving Knife (2 In 1) Stainless Steel - Easy To Use - Comfortable Rubber Grip

Item Description

SLICES Uniformly And Neatly through the delicious watermelon with a tad of weight and least exertion on your part.

Safe and Kid Friendly: There are no extremely sharp edges to manage.

No Mess and No Waste: Every one of the juices stay contained inside of the melon. Cuts to the bottom of the melons, as well as the sides, so you get perfect slices with no waste.

Easy To Clean with soapy water and 100 dishwasher safe.

Combines the functionality of a knife with the handiness of tongs to serve perfect watermelon slices.

How To Use

First - Cut Watermelon The first step to using this product is to cut your watermelon in half from top to buttom.

Second - Slice Hold Curb Appeal so the inside of the curve is against the watermelon. All you have to do is apply a small amount of pressure and slice on the Center, pulling the utensil toward yourself. Continue this process across the entire watermelon.

Flip and Grab

Next you will have to flip over Curb Appeal so the inside curve of the hook is facing upwards. Bring the utensil down placing one slice at a time between the hollowed space between the edges. Just lift the pieces out of the watermelon shell one by one.


Place the pieces on a plate and serve them.

Throw Out Rind

The final step is to throw out the rind of the watermelon which is easy because it will be in one piece looking like a hollowed bowl. Also you may watch video, that will explain process.

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