2 in 1 Watermelon Slicer with Melon Baller Set

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Y. &. A

2 in 1 Watermelon Slicer with Melon Baller Set - One of the Most Comfortable and Lightest Knives-No More Splashes and Watermelon Juice - Can Be Used Like Watermelon Slicer and as a Tong - Try It

LOVE Your Watermelon Slicer - now our watermelon slicer as seen on tv is available not only to the professional kitchen staff, but also to you; Imagine being able to cut and serve a melon easily

DONT Buy A Watermelon Fruit Slicer Anywhere Else Before Reading This - other watermelon cutter slicers do not provide such a good quality of cutting, are uncomfortable and will not last you as long as ours; The secret is in the design features of our slicer - special curved shape and sharp knives will allow you to cut out the Watermelon, Cantaloupe Honeydew pulp fully, and the non-slip silicone handle of the slicer with recesses for the fingers will ensure a comfortable grip

LARGE Watermelon Knife With Melon Baller - use the watermelon slicer to cut the pulp softly and separate it from the peel; After cutting flip the slicer and use it as tongs to get the pieces of juicy pulp and put them on the plates; Its very easy, just slice, flip and serve! Besides, the set includes a great stainless steel melon baller to carve and scoop fruits, vegetables and even ice cream quickly; Its an excellent set for every kitchen

NO More Splashes And Watermelon Juice - Now perfectly cut pieces of melon will decorate your table, too; With our watermelon slicer, you will need minimum effort to cut a juicy watermelon or cantaloupe quickly and serve it beautifully, decorating any party or children's holiday

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